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Exhibition 2: 'Reflection, Illusion and Reality'
Strickland Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania. 1-31st December, 2002

' reflection. n. …the action or process by which the mind takes cognizance of its own operations; continued consideration, thought, meditation;….'
( 1982 ) The Concise English Dictionary. Omega.

‘ But most of us do not want to wake up, and so we live in illusion. With the dissolution of conflict, there is tranquillity and then only can reality come into being. Masters, saviours and gurus are unimportant, but what is essential is to understand the increasing conflict of desire; and this understanding comes only through self-knowledge and constant awareness of the movement of the self.’
J. Krishnamurti ( 1997 ) Commentaries on Living. 1st series. Quest Books.

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