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Gallery 4

Exhibition 1: ‘ Bird, Animal, Insect, and Plant Drawings ‘
Pencil and Ink Drawings 1991 –

This series of pencil and ink drawings highlight largely, but not exclusively, Tasmania’s beautiful and often unique fauna, flora, fungi, insect, and birdlife.
The main objective for producing these drawings was to help raise awareness of this island’s exquisite natural treasures and their increasing fragility.
The original drawings were executed in coloured pencil with a black ink overlay. Advanced technical ink pens with traditional steel nibs were used. These pens are incredibly precise and are usually used for drafting and architectural work. I used only the smallest nibs – the 0.13 mm and the 0.18 mm line width. The 0.13 mm nib is incredibly fine, very delicate and often frustratingly temperamental – such a fine nib is very easily blocked with fibre and dust.
The prints of the original drawings are produced using archival quality inks on archival quality paper, and are printed at exactly the same size as the original drawing to demonstrate the delicacy and intricacy of the original work.


Exhibition 2: ‘ Indigenous Soul Drawings ‘
Pencil Drawings 1986 – 2012

‘ Indigenous soul :- Martin Prechtel describes the indigenous soul as the trans-human, ecological, spiritual essence that resides within all beings. The indigenous soul enters the human being in a personal form, known to us as “our nature“ but it is older than the individual, older than one’s ancestral lineage, it cannot be destroyed, it is always present, and it is always beckoning us back home, telling us we belong to the Earth. ‘
Tina Alice Amorok ( 2007 ) The Eco-trauma and Eco-recovery of Being. A Dissertation.



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